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About Stansbury High

SHS Building 2

Principal Hranicky

Brad Hranicky

Assistant Principal Andrus

Tamsen Andrus

Assistant Principal Brunsdale

Mark Brunsdale

Assistant Principal Wilford

Ethan Wilford

Assistant Principal Spence

Mr Spence

Principal's Message

Students, Parents/Caregivers,


Welcome back to another fantastic year at Stansbury High School! I’m super excited to have joined the Stallion team this summer and look forward to the wonderful opportunities that await. As you know, Stansbury High School has a tradition of excellence. We will continue to push forward diligently with a specific focus on meeting our goals and expectations for the school year. We’re excited about the partnership we will share with our stakeholders while working toward these endeavors.

There are many variables that contribute to the overall success of our students and the school environment. A couple of areas that bring balance and provide more stabilizing opportunities for growth and achievement are daily attendance and punctuality. When students are present regularly, they can take part in real-time instruction that has been strategically designed for presentation and discussion. They’re also able to work through questions or common misunderstandings with guided assistance, creating specific opportunities for deep engagement of metacognition and learning.

Another area that contributes to success and allows students opportunities to thrive is participation in extracurricular programs, clubs, and/or organizations. At Stansbury High School we have a wide variety of options for students to get involved and represent their school or to just be a part of something they enjoy. As students strive to achieve academic success, these opportunities allow them options for involvement in areas they find interesting while allowing growth socially in team-oriented settings and decision-making. Many studies have indicated that student involvement at school may increase students’ overall engagement and attachment through connections formed.

Many great things are just around the corner and we look forward to sharing in those memories and celebrations with you. Again, we are our partners in your student’s education and will work diligently and deliberately each day to maintain our focus of the overall vision and desired success. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance to you throughout the school year and I’m always happy to help. Go Stallions!


Brad Hranicky, Principal

Stansbury High School

Be Bold. Be Blue. The Bury.