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Welcome to the world of online learning. Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus emergency, we can no longer meet in person for everyone's safety. But that doesn't mean that school is over for the year! Far from it! We still have to do 4th Term. And your teachers (me included) are hard at work to get you that credit you deserve for taking classes so you can, eventually, graduate.
Let's do this!
Somehow, I have pretty much always been ready for this. I have had my school work on this site for years and I will continue to use this site AND also Google Classroom. I am currently setting up Google Classroom and will notify you when that is done with an email blast through Aspire/SIS. To login to your course, you will need a code that will be contained in that email. Should you not get that email and need the code, feel free to email me. I may also post it on the page of the specific course you are taking from me.
You may already be logged in to another teacher's Google Classroom in another course so the following may be repetitive for you. NOTE: You must use your Tooele County School District (TCSD) login to Google Drive for the code to work... NOT YOUR PERSONAL GMAIL ACCOUNT. Your login is your TCSD email address and password. If you have issues logging into your TCSD Google Drive you can contact me by email and I will help you. I happen to be one of the Google Classroom administrators for Stansbury High School (I know, big surprise). All 3rd Term and previous terms work will remain here. For 4th Term all course work will be on Google Classroom. Any information that goes out to all of my students regardless of class they are taking will be posted here as well.
So, let's make the best of the situation and get some learning done. I plan on being available like a normal school day and will post assignments and due dates on their appropriate days (Blue and Silver). For instance, I will maybe do a YouTube Live instruction on a Silver Day for Business Management (7th Period) during the time Business Management normally meets (9:15-10:25am) on some days, and on others I may just post an assignment or quiz. Yes, I said quiz. Need to do more of those online because I can't see your faces to determine if you have any understanding of the topic. I will also use little quizzes as one of the means to mark attendance.
With that in mind, my normal schedule in school is below. For this online experience I will maintain the same to instruct, grade, and assist students:
1st/6th Period 8:00am - 9:10am During this time assignments will be posted and assessments will take place. There may be live instruction (more on that later)
2nd/7th Period 9:15am - 10:25am
3rd/8th Period 10:30am - 11:40am
4th/9th Period 11:45am - 1:30pm Mr. Rathke's prep time. No instruction will occur. Will work on grading and answering student emails and Google Classroom messages.
5th/10th Period 1:30pm - 2:35pm During this time assignments will be posted and assessments will take place. There may be live instruction (more on that later)
After school 2:45pm - 3:00pm Answering student emails and Google Classroom messages.


I will add resources I find/use for my course here to help you with your classes. Some may be used for all of your classes, not just for the ones you have with me. So check back here periodically. If you need a library source, students can always use SORA. See the graphic to the right for information.
Course-specific resources will be listed under the blue menu box on the course page here and I may have it in the course's Google Classroom as well.


Watch A Video assignment instructions

I want you to watch a video for Business Management, take notes, and then tell me three things you learned from the video in regards to what we've learned so far in class (planning, organization, etc.).

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