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Information on my courses will be on Canvas. Due to the delay getting Skyward up and running, I'm behind getting Canvas ready. Should be done by the first day of class (I hope).
However, I would like you and a parent/guardian read my CLASS DISCLOSURE (can be found by clicking this link) as soon as possible. Afterwards, please fill out the appropriate Google Form (linked below) to verify that you and your parent/guardian have read and understand the disclosure:
I'm not a big user of the platform focusing mainly on a couple of functions. Everything we cover in class will be under ANNOUNCEMENTS so read that first before asking me any questions. If you ask me, "What did we do last time, Mr. Rathke?" I will respond with, "Have you checked Canvas?" I'm happy to answer questions that arise from reading my announcements for clarification or to expand on the information. The other category I mostly use is ASSIGNMENTS where I classify everything under either and assessment or classwork. The last category that I will use is QUIZZES for (duh) quizzes.
Attached below is a letter describing what you need to get done before the first day of class. If you're not done, don't sweat it, I wasn't able to get this out earlier because of the Skyward delay. But you MUST try to get this all done prior to the first day of class. Information on the textbook is on page 2 of the letter. (Note: You must be admitted to USU and have an A# to register for the course with the university. An earlier copy of my letter had a section mentioning SLCC and an S#... unfortunately, that was in error and has since been corrected).
Please, please, please make the lives of your teachers easier by putting your FULL NAME (First and Last Name) on ALL of your work. And put the CLASS PERIOD on everything. You're in high school now. 
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