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Mr. Rathke's Web Site


(Business Management, FIN 1050, Business Law, TV Broadcasting 1 & 2, Digital Media 1 & 2, and CREW)

The course standards and what to expect will be posted here. As will any important announcements for all of my students from either me or the administration. For class information, there are links to my courses to the right below my personal information. That will take you to the class notes. Please read those before asking me any questions about the class or about what you missed if you were absent.

I expect you all to show up with paper and pencil/pen to take notes. There are computers in my classroom that you will work on. While you are allowed to save your work to the computers, there is no guarantee that it will be there next time you come into class. Such is life in a school computer lab. Therefore, I suggest that you have a flash drive/memory card to save your work to. (The smart people save to both in case you lose you memory device or the lab computer fails or someone accidentally deletes your work.)

I'm fine if you have a cell phone in my class AS LONG AS IT IS NOT A DISTRACTION OR WE ARE HAVING A TEST. Distractions include using your phone while I'm addressing the class, your cell phone making any sounds (set it to silent), playing games on it at any time (or playing games on my lab computers for that matter).

As far as the computers are concerned, they are there for you to work on your assignments and do research. They are NOT there for playing games. GAMING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED IN CLASS. You may use the computer to work on assignments for classes other than my own if you are done with all of the assignments in my class.

I have added my classroom disclosure to this page. This is for all classes EXCEPT for FIN 1050 and CREW class. The disclosure for FIN 1050 is on the FIN 1050 page. The disclosure for CREW class is at the bottom of this page (below the standard disclosure).



Welcome to my page. In previous years I had my own website at for all my classes. (You're not crazy if you clicked the link and it brought you back to here). This year I may migrate to Canvas. Some information and resources will still be at my old site but you will only be able to access them when I want you to access them by using links from here or from Canvas. Change is difficult, as soon as you accept that then life gets easier (I keep telling myself).


CREW Class Disclosure


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