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Concurrent Enrollment

Admissions & Registration Information
USU Instructions
SLCC Instructions
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Art 1010
Biology 1010 (online only)
Chemistry 1010 (online only)
Econ 1500
English 1010
English 2200 (Literature)
FCSE 1350 (personal finance)
Geology 1060
HEAL 1008 (med term)
History 1700
Math 1050
Music 1010 (online only)
Physics 1010 (online only)
Political Science 1100
Psychology 1010
Stats 1040 (online only)
Geography 1700 
Interior Design 1010 (THS)
Math 1030
Click HERE for link to scheduling page to show additional CE options at CLC
RHS 2175 (Sports Med)
RHS 2300 (EMR)
English 2015
Which CE Math class should I take?
Students - did you know that for many majors you can finish your college math credit while you are in high school? Just search for your intended major at the college you are planning to attend to check their math requirements or click the "Which Math is Right for Me?" or "College Math Pathways" link below. Please talk with Mrs. Cavey if you have questions. 
We offer Math 1030, Stat 1040, and Math 1050.
Which Math is Right for Me?
  • Concurrent Enrollment classes are college classes. The grade a student receives in concurrent enrollment will become part of their official college transcript. 
  • A student will receive a grade only at the end of the semester and it will be worth 1 full high school credit. For example, if a student receives a B in their concurrent enrollment class, it is equivalent to receiving 4 B's in a high school class for GPA computation.
  • Concurrent enrollment is open to juniors and seniors with a GPA of 2.5 for CTE classes and 3.0 for general education classes.  Math 1050,1060 requires a 23 on the math section of the ACT.  Math 1030 & Stat 1040 require a C average in Math 1,2,3.
  • Many concurrent enrollment classes at SHS are broadcasts originating at another location. Students are responsible for using the equipment and participating even when their instructor is off-site.
  • If a student receives a D or F in concurrent enrollment, they are no longer eligible to take future CE classes. In addition, students must pass (with a C) 66% of their college classes to be eligible for federal financial aid (FAFSA) - this includes Pell Grants and Federal Student Loans.
  • Because concurrent enrollment results in college credit, an adjunct faculty member (an SHS teacher who is teaching a college level course) is under the authority of the college they teach for. The high school classroom becomes a college classroom for that class. Students who are on an IEP or 504 plan must make arrangements through the college disability center for any accommodations needed.
  • Withdrawal from a CE class after the registration deadline will result in a 'W' on a student's college transcript. Students who drop college classes must meet with their counselor and Mrs. Cavey.
  • Class availability is subject to change based on college staffing.
To learn more about Concurrent Enrollment and other accelerated programs offered at TCSD click here.
Transfer guides are designed to help determine how concurrent enrollment courses will transfer to other colleges/universities in Utah. 
It is possible for a student to earn an Associate of Arts degree while in high school. The degree is awarded by Utah State University. Interested students must meet with Mrs. Cavey in the spring of their SOPHOMORE year.  Students will then be required to meet with an academic advisor at Utah State University Tooele to map out a plan for completion.  Students will need to take classes beginning the summer after their sophomore year in order to complete the necessary 30 credit hours per year. Summer classes will be full-price tuition.