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To schedule an appointment with your counselor, click on the link provided:

A-CL: Mitzi Quarez
Co-GL: Cristy Hill - Head Counselor
Go-I: Jaclyn LeBlond
J-Mo: Anthony Rock
Mu-Sh: Dorisann Jensen
Si-Z: Charlene Kellmer



 Online Scheduling instructions for 2019-2020 school year click HERE.
Important Tips:
  • Students must log in to Aspire.
  • ALWAYS add classes first.  The previous class will automatically be dropped.  (If you drop a class first and then can't find a class to add in its place, you may not be able to add the original class back.) 
  • If you are unable to find a class or can't add the class, it means the class is either full or not taught that hour and you can not make the schedule change.
  • Keep checking back for class availability. 
  • Teacher's Aides and Parent Release must go through the counseling office as certain criteria must be met for each.  Counselors must have parent signatures for these as well.  Students who are a teacher's aide or have parent release but haven't turned in their signed form will be marked absent each day and receive a phone call home until their forms have been turned in. 
  • If you desire to enroll in a core class beyond your grade level, you must take the competency test through Granite School District's testing center and take proof of the results to your counselor before you will be placed in the higher-level course.
Click here for a list of prerequisite requirements.
Click here for the faculty/staff teaching schedule 1st Semester 2019-2020.