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Counseling News



To schedule an appointment with your counselor, click on the link provided:

Mitzi Quarez (Last names: A – D):

Cristy Hill (Last names: E – K):

Julie Ernst (Last names: L – Ri):

Charlene Kellmer (Last names: Ro – Z):

Tiffany Herrera (Student Advocate):



 ONLINE SCHEDULE REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS (requesting classes for next semester)
Important Tips:
  • Students must sign in using their own login and NOT their parent's login.
  • ALWAYS add classes first.  The previous class will automatically be dropped.  (If you drop a class first and then can't find a class to add in its place, you may not be able to add the original class back.) 
  • If you are unable to find a class or can't add the class, it means the class is either full or not taught that hour and you can not make the schedule change.
  • Only semester classes are available for schedule changes, not yearlong classes.
  • Keep checking back for class availability. 
  • Teacher's Aides and Parent Release must go through the counseling office as certain criteria must be met for each.  Counselors must have parent signatures for these as well.  Students who are a teacher's aide or have parent release but haven't turned in their signed form will be marked absent each day and receive a phone call home until their forms have been turned in. 
Unsure when classes are offered?  Check out the 2017-2018 Faculty/Class Matrix.
Click here for a list of all prerequisites.