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Counseling News

 Counselor Assignments 2018-2019
Mitzi Quarez:  A-Co
Cristy Hill:  Cr-He
Julie Ernst:  Hi-Me
Tiffany Herrera:  Mi-Sc
Charlene Kellmer:  Se-Z

Counselors are out of the office and will return on Wednesday, August 8th. 


If you need help with:

*Online summer school: please contact

*Hope Squad questions: please contact

*IEP transfer questions: please contact

*Setting up a 504: please contact Mr. Reutzel for 9th and 10th graders or Mr. Norton for 11th and 12th graders

*Finding AP and Honors summer reading assignments: go to, click on “Academics”, click on “Academic Directory”, click on “Language Arts”

*Scheduling an individual appointment with your counselor: please contact us after August 8th

*New student questions: please contact to get registered, and then contact your counselor after August 8th to set up a class schedule

*Changing your schedule for next year: this will be done online from the convenience of your own home the end of July.  We will send out an email when it is ready.  Directions for changing your schedule are on, click on “Counseling”, then click on “Online Schedule Request” instructions


We highly recommend that you get to know our website.  All of our important information and dates are located there.  Please go to and click on Counseling.  Thank you and have a great summer!

 ONLINE SCHEDULE REQUEST INSTRUCTIONS (requesting classes for next semester)
Important Tips:
  • Students must sign in using their own login and NOT their parent's login.
  • ALWAYS add classes first.  The previous class will automatically be dropped.  (If you drop a class first and then can't find a class to add in its place, you may not be able to add the original class back.) 
  • If you are unable to find a class or can't add the class, it means the class is either full or not taught that hour and you can not make the schedule change.
  • Only semester classes are available for schedule changes, not yearlong classes.
  • Keep checking back for class availability. 
  • Teacher's Aides and Parent Release must go through the counseling office as certain criteria must be met for each.  Counselors must have parent signatures for these as well.  Students who are a teacher's aide or have parent release but haven't turned in their signed form will be marked absent each day and receive a phone call home until their forms have been turned in. 
Unsure when classes are offered?  Check out the 2017-2018 Faculty/Class Matrix.
Click here for a list of all prerequisites.