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Online Registration Is Now Open


Dear Stansbury Parents/Guardians:


We are excited for the start of a new school year and want to let you know about the scheduling process.  Counselors will be available from Tuesday, August 8 through Friday, August 11 for schedule changes only. 


Students/parents who are seeking schedule changes should keep the following in mind:


  • Counselors will be available to assist with schedule changes for students who are missing needed classes, have holes in their schedule or issues that affect a student’s ability to graduate, complete a pathway or align courses for college readiness.
  • Please come with the change(s) you need already in mind.
  • Schedule changes for the sake of switching lunch periods or being in classes with friends can be done by accessing the online scheduling.


Counselor Hours:                                                                             Registration/Lockers/Finance Hours:

August 8, 8-2 pm.:  12th grade                                                              -----------------

August 9, 1-7 pm:  11th grade (Mrs. Quarez 8-2 pm only) August 9: 1-7 pm

August 10, 8-2 pm:  10th grade                                                          August 10: 8-1 pm

August 11, 8-2 pm:  9th grade                                                August 11: 8-1 pm

August 14, 8-2 pm:  New Students

August 15-18th: Counselors will NOT be available

                          Because of district and building training



Mitzi Quarez (A-D)

Cristy Hill (E-K)

Julie Ernst (L-Ri)

Charlene Kellmer (Ro-Z)

Dylan Lines (Student Advocate/Online Scheduling)

We will also be opening the online scheduling starting July 28-August 14.  If you know what class changes you need, please feel free to log in through the student SIS/Aspire account (  and on the right of the page click on Scheduling.

If you do a schedule change online we ask that you make the schedule changes BEFORE you register and pay for fees, otherwise you may be charged the wrong amount for class fees.  You will be able to register and pay for fees the following day so the finance system can import the new changes and give you the correct fee.    We will also have computers and staff available to help you complete the schedule changes online from August 8-11.


When doing online scheduling if your schedule does not align with graduation requirements, your counselor will change the schedule to fit those requirements.  The graduation requirement is in reference to getting a high school diploma.  It does not account for additional requirements for programs such as Regents Scholarship or NCAA Eligibility.  The student is responsible for knowing what these additional requirements are.    Graduation requirements are listed on the SHS website under Counselors, as well as the websites for NCAA and scholarships.   


Helpful Hints Using SIS/ASPIRE to change your schedule

  • Please make the changes to your schedule BEFORE you register and pay for fees, otherwise you may be charged the wrong amount for class fees.  You will be able to register and pay fees the following day.
  • Start by adding the new class you want to take. When you add the new class it will automatically drop the class you no longer want.
  • Several of the Math classes are taught each day so it will be on your schedule for both Blue Day and Silver Day.  The scheduler with do this automatically, so be very careful when you are making a change to those classes because it will most likely affect both days.

We look forward to working with you and know this will be a great school year!  Thanks for being patient with us as we work through several counselor changes and the new online scheduling.




The Stansbury High School Counseling Team